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Low Observable Material

Ceno Technologies produces electromagnetic absorbers which are used in applications requiring precise signature control over a wide frequency spectrum. If your requirements fall within the low gigahertz range to the far infrared range, Ceno Technologies can supply materials in the form of very lightweight cenospheres, microspheres or flecks for paints, tiles, coatings, plastics, rubber compounds, adhesives, fabrics and nets.

Stealth using low observable materials from Ceno Technologies enables the control or reduction of the signatures of aircraft and weapon systems.  Signatures are those characteristics by which such systems can or may be detected, recognized, and engaged.  Modification of these signatures can improve the survivability of military systems, leading to improved effectiveness and reduced casualties as demonstrated in recent conflicts. 

Signature detection commonly amounts to the electromagnetic signature of an object.  Figure 1 shows a schematic representation of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The spectral regions of interest for low observable technologies are the visible range, the infrared (IR) range (particularly bands II and III which are shown in Figure 1, and the radar portion of the spectrum.

Electromagnetic spectrum

Figure 1:  The electromagnetic spectrum.

IR discretion techniques focus on bands II and III which are transmission bands in the Earth’s atmosphere (see Figure 1).  Band II covers the range 3 to 5 mm while Band III covers the range 8 to 12 mm.  Band II is exploited primarily by missile guidance systems and band III by thermal cameras.  Another wavelength of interest is 1.064 mm, which is the wavelength used by the majority of laser range-finders.

IR...Radar...or both

The emphasis to date has been on radar stealth, and thus radar-absorbing materials have received significant attention worldwide.  However, with the development of more accurate infrared (IR) detection technology such as missile guidance systems and thermal cameras, the dual need for effective IR and Radar stealth capabilities vital for air, land, and sea defenses.

IR Stealth coatings

Low observable coatings render IR detection of an object more difficult. These coatings are multipurpose materials that may be tuned for specific missions, or used in standard configurations.  For example, they may be designed solely for IR stealth (without compromising the radar cross section of the host), or for both IR and radar stealth simultaneously.

Ceno Technologies can also produce special infrared reflective materials which are effective from the near to far infrared region. These materials may be incorporated over radar absorbers to yield multi-spectral combination absorbers. Infrared reflective materials are supplied for use in spray-on paints, coatings, adhesives, composites and fabrics. Infrared reflective coatings are as thin as 3 mils and weigh as little as 4 grams per square.

Ceno Technologies radar absorbing materials are unique because of their low weight, toughness and ability to reflect strongly at off-normal angles. Our control coatings are also special because of their diffuse surface characteristics which eliminate "glint."

Tailored for your challenge

Generally, Ceno Technologies provides a system design for a specific platform to defeat sensors operating at frequencies most likely to be encountered by the platform. Whether for broad attenuation over a wide frequency range, or high attenuation at a specific frequency, Ceno Technologies can design a system to increase the survivability of the platform. The availability of different material forms enhances the performance of the system by utilizing synergistic effects between the different materials and allows for retrofit designs to increase current platform performance without re-engineering the platform. In addition, true multispectral coatings can be designed to provide signature control in the microwave, millimeter wave, infrared and visible spectrum regions.

Tiles, Paints, Plastics, Fabrics, Nets...and much more

Cenospheres suitable for spray-on coatings are available and when used in epoxy and polyurethane binders they achieve properties similar to those of glue-on tiles at the same weight. Fabric absorbers are supplied as single or multi-layer constructions depending on the requirements. Weights as low as 0.1 pounds per square have been effectively used in field applications. Lightweight nets incorporating radar absorbing or radar scattering materials can designed and manufactured by our customers to deny identification of platforms behind the net over the 1 to 96 GHz frequency range. These nets typically weigh about 20 grams per square foot or less and have an open weave structure allowing light and air for ventilation to easily pass through.

Utilization of these materials requires experience in the design and performance measurements of low observable platforms. In some cases a collateral SECRET or above classification is needed to obtain more detailed performance specifications for these materials.

High performance, extremely reflective, lightweight, low cost conductive shielding materials are available today!