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Cenospheres and Low Observable Solutions

Low Observable coatings for aircraftThe most obvious use for silver coated cenospheres, microspheres and other particles is as a substitute for silver. Silver ball is useful in electromagnetic shielding applications, conductive composites and as an infra-red reflector. All three of these requirements nexus in military applications. Historically, stealth coatings were usually thick coatings of silver ball paint, copper ball paint, silver coated copper ball paint or very thick carbon based paints. These paints were difficult and time consuming in application and required frequent maintenance as large chunks of the heavy paint would fall off during vibration and flexing. Ceno Technologies coated cenospheres and microspheres stealth coatings can be incorporated into paints and applied thinly in one application and required far less maintenance.

Due to the comparative density of the materials, one kilogram of silver coated cenospheres or microspheres can replace ten kilograms of silver ball or silver coated copper ball. Recent increased use of lightweight composites in aircraft manufacture has revealed several new uses for silver coated cenospheres, microspheres and other particles, including lightning strike survival and radio frequency interference screening.

Low Observable coatingsNew composite material aircraft parts such as helicopter rotor blades, wing control surfaces were heralded as lightweight and low maintenance, but exposure to the elements was providing a body of evidence that composites could suffer catastrophic failure if struck by lightning. Composites are poor conductors and require an efficient method of dissipating high energy atmospheric discharge. The simple fix is to paint the new aircraft with silver coated cenospheres. Construction of aircraft using composite airframes instead of traditional aluminium has already commenced, therefore the need for lightweight EMI and conductive coatings is growing rapidly.

From water or solvent based paints, caulks, tapes, fabric, sheets, plastics and metals, Ceno Technologies cenospheres, microspheres, aluminium or mica fleck materials have proven their effectiveness in a myriad or environments and applications throughout the World.

A World of Solutions...Bound only by your imagination

Seldom does a new technology emerge which offers so many benefits and solutions in today's electronic age as the silver-coated cenosphere and microsphere technology of Ceno Technologies. This technology is now available for advanced stealth technology, consumer, and industrial applications. The solutions offered by Ceno Technologies are truly bound only by the imagination of those willing to explore the possibilities. Here are only a few:

RAM vehicle protection

Vehicle: Radar absorbing paints, plastics, linings, sealants, etc.

low observable aircraft

Aircraft: Infrared, radar and/or multi-spectral absorbing paints, stealth, coatings, tiles, Aerospace composites.

stealth coatings

Ships/Boats: Infrared, radar and/or multi-spectral absorbing stealth paints, tiles, composites. Drug interdiction, etc.

Electronic eavesdropping countermeasures
Law Enforcement/ Security: Electronic eavesdropping countermeasures.

stealth camouflage

Military: IR camouflage fabrics, netting, personal camouflage, face paint, cosmetics.

Circuit & Chip Design: Eliminate crosstalk, interferences.

Tiles, Paints, Plastics, Fabrics, Nets...and much more

Cenospheres and microspheres suitable for spray-on coatings are available and when used in epoxy and polyurethane binders they achieve properties similar to those of glue-on tiles at the same weight. Fabric absorbers are supplied as single or multi-layer constructions depending on the requirements. Weights as low as 0.1 pounds per square have been effectively used in field applications.

low observable fabrics and nets
Lightweight nets incorporating radar absorbing or radar scattering materials can designed and manufactured by our customers to deny identification of platforms behind the net over the 1 to 96 GHz frequency range. These nets typically weigh about 20 grams per square foot or less and have an open weave structure allowing light and air for ventilation to easily pass through.

Utilization of these materials requires experience in the design and performance measurements of low observable platforms. In some cases a collateral SECRET or above classification is needed to obtain more detailed performance specifications for these materials.

High performance, extremely reflective, lightweight, low cost, low observable and EMI materials are available today!