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Glass Microspheres

Glass microspheres are hollow spheres of glass manufactured for a wide variety of uses in consumer goods, medicine, research and numerous industries from Aerospace to Automotive. Hollow glass microspheres from Ceno Technologies, sometimes termed microballoons or glass bubbles, have diameters sized in micrometers (microns).

Glass microspheres from Ceno Technologies are free-flowing, high strength, low density, inert and have a wide variety of uses as a lightweight filler in composite materials, syntatic foams, paints, plastics, putties, mastics, fibreglass, sealants, varnishes, resins and cements.

Ceno Series HGT high performance microspheres are hollow, white in color and manufactured from soda-lime borosilicate glass in a range of sizes from 2 to 110 microns.

The soda-lime borosilicate composition and near perfect spherical shape of these hollow glass microspheres provide high compressive strength.

Hollow Glass Microspheres - Series HGT - Particle Sizes

glass microspheres

Hollow glass microspheres are often used as a lightweight filler in composite materials such as syntactic foam and light weight concrete. They give syntactic foam its light weight, low thermal conductivity, and a resistance to compressive stress that far exceeds that of other foams. These properties are exploited in the hulls of submersibles and deep-sea oil drilling equipment, where other types of foam would implode.

Benefits include:-

Microspheres - hollow glass

Excellent chemical stability
Consistent distribution
Free flowing
High compressive strength
High filler loading
Light weight
Low density
Low oil absorption
Low thermal conductivity
Low viscosity

Other key properties include low water absorption, low heat conductivity, high chemical resistance and radio transparency.

Hollow Glass Microspheres - Series HGT - True Density

hollow glass microspheres

Ceno Series HGT hollow glass microspheres are sold in bulk quantities packed in cardboard boxes lined with plastic, palletized and containerized for ease of handling and transportation. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 1 x 20ft container load.

For further technical details and pricing please contact Ceno Technologies by visiting our “Contact” page to make your inquiry.


Coated Microspheres

Microspheres - silver coated

Our proprietary and patented process allows us to deposit precisely controlled amounts of sliver and other metals including gold, palladium, iridium, etc., onto hollow glass microspheres, thus producing highly reflective materials with the conductivity of the precious metals but without the high cost or weight. Further research has resulted in materials which can absorb electromagnetic energy instead of simply reflecting it. Please contact us directly for further details and recommendations.

Ceno Technologies Microspheres coated with silver, gold and other Alloys are lightweight, highly reflective, inexpensive and can be easily customized to the specific requirements of the customer.

From water or solvent based paints, caulks, tapes, fabric, sheets, plastics and metals, Ceno Technologies microspheres have proven their effectiveness in a myriad or environments and applications throughout the World.

High performance, microspheres and extremely reflective, lightweight, low cost conductive shielding materials are available today!