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Coated Aluminium and Mica Flecks

Ceno Technologies are at the forefront of technological development and application of unique, highly reflective materials for control of the electromagnetic spectrum.

aluminium or mica flecks can be coated with gold, palladium, platinum or iridium
Ceno Technologies manufacture minute aluminium or mica flecks coated with a choice of precious metals including sliver, gold, palladium, platinum and iridium, which are tailored according to your application.

Silver Coated Aluminium Flecks

Our proprietary and patented process allows us to deposit precisely controlled amounts of sliver (and other metals including gold, palladium, iridium, etc.) onto nanoparticles, thus producing highly reflective materials with the conductivity of the precious metals but without the high cost or weight. Further research has resulted in materials which can absorb electromagnetic energy instead of simply reflecting it. Please contact us directly for further details and recommendations.


ALAG 450 Powder

Physical Data and Other Properties

Appearance: Metallic beige/gray powder, no odour.

Specific Gravity: 2.5 – 2.9 g/cc Bulk Density: 2.2 - 2.5 g/cc

Melting Point: Not available Flash Point: N/A

Boiling Point: N/A Flammability Limits: N/A

Vapour Pressure: N/A Solubility in Water: Insoluble

Particle Size (vol.%): Mean: 14-17 micrometers

Ingredients: Coated Aluminium metal Flakes coated in Silver metal.

Please contact us directly for further details and recommendations.

Ceno Technologies aluminium or mica flecks coated with silver or other alloys are lightweight, highly reflective, inexpensive and can be easily customized to the specific requirements of the customer.

From water or solvent based paints, caulks, tapes, fabric, sheets, plastics and metals, Ceno Technologies coated aluminium and mica flecks have proven their effectiveness in a myriad or environments and applications throughout the World.

High performance, extremely reflective, lightweight, low cost conductive shielding materials are available today!