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To request further information on our range of cenospheres, coated cenospheres, microspheres, aluminium or mica flecks, or nanoparticles for EMI shielding or Low Observable applications, or discuss your specific needs, contact Ceno Technologies direct at:

Ceno Technologies Incorporated,
1234 Delaware Avenue,
NY 14209,

Or, contact us by E-mail: sales@cenotechnologies.com

Or, by calling us on 716 885 5050 at our Innovation Center Research Facilities

Or, by sending us a Fax on 716 885 4040

Or, please just complete the form below - let us know what information you need, along with your name, full address and contact numbers (it would also help if you tell us the nature of your business or project you're involved with) - we will get back to you ASAP.

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