Cenospheres at Ceno Technologies - USA

Cenospheres - a breakthrough discovery

Ceno Technologies are at the forefront of technological development and application of unique, highly reflective materials for control of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Coated cenospheres can be used to control the electromagnetic spectrumCenospheres - A breakthrough discovery of how low-cost Silver Coated Cenospheres (SCC) and other coated alloys can be utilized to influence the electromagnetic spectrum and provide effective EMI shielding. A proprietary and patented process allows us to deposit precisely controlled amounts of sliver (and other metals including gold, palladium, iridium, etc.) onto cenospheres, microspheres, nanoparticles or alloys such as Mica or Aluminium flecks, thus producing highly reflective materials with the conductivity of sliver but without the high cost or weight. Further research has resulted in materials which can absorb electromagnetic energy instead of simply reflecting it.

Our research experience, focusing all the resources of Ceno Technologies into the unique workings of cenospheres, microspheres, nanoparticles and other coated alloys has produced significant results in Low Observable (LO) applications. Ceno Technologies is now able to broaden its mission by providing both lightweight EMI shielding and Low Observable related products designed for numerous applications Worldwide.

Ceno Technologies Silver Coated Cenospheres, Microspheres, Nanoparticles and other Alloys are lightweight, highly reflective, inexpensive and can be easily customized to the specific requirements of the customer.

From water or solvent based paints, caulks, tapes, fabric, sheets, plastics and metals, Ceno Technologies materials have proven their effectiveness in a myriad or environments and applications throughout the World.

High performance, extremely reflective, lightweight, low cost conductive EMI shielding materials are available today!