Cenospheres at Ceno Technologies - USA


Cenospheres are alumina silicate hollow ceramic particles formed during the production of electricity by coal burning power stations. Also referred to as microspheres, hollow spheres, microballoons, hollow ceramic microspheres or glass beads, they are separated from fly ash by electrostatic and floatation methods and were once thought of as unwanted and difficult waste. Their buoyancy meant they could not be buried as landfill as ground water would push them to the surface, once on the surface and dry they would become persistent airborne dust. Cenospheres are now sought after as an inexpensive, lightweight filler for building products, their spherical shape lends cohesive strength to concrete and polymers, their ceramic composition provides excellent insulation and flame resistance and their lightweight reduces transportation costs.

Cenospheres - silver coatedCeno Technologies use a patented and proprietary process of wet chemistry to coat cenospheres with a thin layer of silver that allowed the finished product to perform like silver in electrical conduction and infra-red reflection AND simultaneously perform like a ceramic in thermal insulation, low cost, low maintenance and ease of use. Silver Coated Cenospheres from Ceno Technologies are extremely reflective and can exhibit an electromagnetic (EMI) shielding effectiveness of 60dB from 100 MHz to 25 GHz and higher.

cenospheres can be coated with goldOur proprietary and patented process allows us to deposit precisely controlled amounts of sliver (and other metals including gold, palladium, iridium, etc.) onto cenospheres, microspheres, nanoparticles or alloys such as Mica or Aluminium flecks, thus producing highly reflective materials with the conductivity of the precious metals but without the high cost or weight. Further research has resulted in materials which can absorb electromagnetic (EM) energy instead of simply reflecting it.

Microspheres, Nanoparticles & Flecks

Microspheres, Nano particles and flecks can be coated with alloysLightweight hollow Glass Microspheres in the 11-18 micron range, even smaller flecks of Aluminium or Mica and even Nanoparticles can be coated with a variety of metals including silver, gold, iridium and palladium. The resultant finishes have all the properties of solid metals and have a larger surface area but are extremely reflective, very lightweight and very cost effective.

When added to paints, adhesives, sealers, plastic and resin materials at appropriate ratios, these coated cenospheres, microspheres, nano particles, aluminium or mica fleck materials can then provide electrical conductivity and shielding of electronic devices against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). The low particle density and large surface area facilitates slow phase separation in paints and adhesives compared to heavy metallic and inorganic fillers.

High performance, extremely reflective, lightweight, low cost conductive EMI shielding materials are available today!