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Biotechnology and Life Sciences products

A new Bio Division of Ceno Technologies has been established in order to satisfy the demands of our Biotechnology customers in the Life Sciences industry by providing research into solutions for drug delivery systems either via Nano Technology or Transdermal Systems. Our recent Antimicrobial research work ranges from quick and broad kill but safe topical systems for hands and skin to complete systems and devices which are revolutionary in nature.


Antimicrobial Products

Ceno Technologies has addressed the emerging need in the Biotechnology industry for high efficacy, long lasting and very fast acting antimicrobials in order to rapidly attack such viruses as H1N1 and other pathogens such as MRSA.

Antimicrobial development

Our Bio Division is very actively engaged with the research & development of numerous antimicrobial products and has entered into working agreements with several large corporations. The scope of work ranges from quick and broad kill but safe topical antimicrobial systems for hands and skin to whole systems and devices which are revolutionary in nature. These collaborative efforts with large global concerns will ensure that these antimicrobial products will go to market in a large scale on a global level.


Drug Delivery Systems

Our research for the Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry into specially coated microscopic particles capable of carrying drugs or antibodies specifically designed to attack tumor induces illnesses, continues to grow at an exceptional level.

drug delivery systems

Ceno Technologies has had growing interest in the Bio-sector with Drug Delivery systems either via Nano Technology or Transdermal Systems. Our ongoing research and development into drug carrier systems has recently lead to a large cancer research project with Roswell Park Cancer Institute. RPCI instituted the nation's first chemotherapy program, pioneered studies on the relationship between smoking and lung cancer and developed Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test. RPCI has sponsored or collaborated on more than 350 clinical trials of promising new cancer treatments and are one of North America's highest ranked in terms of leadership in cancer care and innovation.

Further projects such as the development of ultra fast coatings of microscopic and nano particles used in both human and veterinary medical research are planned in order to provide drug carrier systems incorporating refined advanced materials and particles.


Custom Projects

Ceno understands the need for specialized materials that we have perhaps not yet developed, so we offer our services to develop materials, systems and finished goods for both the particle coatings and the biotechnology sides of our company, to businesses worldwide.

custom biotechnology products developed for customers worldwide

Many clients have requirements that are somewhat custom in nature, hence the need to develop new products, coatings or particles to suit the specific needs of our customers.

Our policy is to agree a one-off development charge with our customers which can then be reimbursed or amortized once final production has commenced.

High performance, biotechnology and life sciences products are available from Ceno Technologies Incorporated today!