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Ceno Technologies - Corporate Profile

Ceno Technologies Incorporated is a dynamic, fast-growing company at the forefront of technological development and application of unique, highly reflective materials for control of the electromagnetic spectrum. Specializing in the research, manufacture and development of coated cenospheres and other microscopic particles innovatively designed to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and provide lightweight, highly effective and cost-effective shielding for a myriad of consumer, industrial and digital electronic applications. It serves a growing variety of customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Electrical, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries across global markets.

Based in Buffalo, New York, USA, Ceno Technologies is at the forefront of growing demand for high-technology coatings of microscopic particles such as Cenospheres, Microspheres, Aluminium or Mica Flecks and Nanoparticles which defeat radar, infra-red and thermal detection. Our research experience, focusing all the resources of Ceno Technologies into the unique workings and emerging technology of microscopic particles has produced significant results in Low Observable (LO) applications.

Since its incorporation in 2007 Ceno Technologies is now able to broaden its mission by providing both EMI and Low Observable related products designed for numerous applications Worldwide. In March 2008 a leading Fortune 100 customer commended Ceno Technologies as manufacturing the highest quality and most effective silver coated cenospheres that have ever been produced. Our reputation for quality of both research and product is very attractive to military, hi-tech and other companies ranging from Fortune 100 entities to other technology groups worldwide who now purchase the Company’s products. Ceno Technologies is now contracted for long term production and R&D for a variety of classified BLACK projects for the Military and it partnering Defense Contractors with other projects currently in negotiations.

A new “Bio Division” of Ceno Technologies has been established in order to satisfy the demands of our biotechnology customers in the life sciences industry by providing research into solutions for drug delivery systems either via Nano Technology or Transdermal Systems. Furthermore, our recent Antimicrobial research work ranges from quick and broad kill but safe topical systems for hands and skin to whole systems and devices which are revolutionary in nature.

Ceno Technologies Board members have a combination of technical expertise in manufacturing and business experience selling to the defense and hi-tech industries. Ceno Technologies growth is been built upon very strong foundations, including:

  • a highly experienced senior management with the Board combining over 25 years of manufacturing knowledge, gained in major public companies
  • an unusually broad customer base which avoids over exposure to any one customer, sector or product;
  • customer-led innovation - keeping ahead of customer trends and demand (by moving into the fast growing composites and stealth categories, for instance)

Ceno Technologies commercial success is underpinned by a strong focus on market research, product innovation and customer partnerships. In the specialist aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors, it has integrated relationships with some of North America's top Fortune 100 companies.

In short, Ceno Technologies has positioned itself to be a major force within its sector, continuing to grow organically, as well as by future acquisition, and serving to the best of its abilities its customers and shareholders alike.

Mission Statement

"To be the market leader in providing effective, integrated and technologically advanced solutions to the Defense, Aerospace, Electronic, Electrical, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries by manufacturing specially coated microscopic cenospheres and other particles innovatively designed to defeat radar, infra-red and thermal detection and to protect against electromagnetic interference in sensitive components and applications.”

To continue building a focused, flexible and dynamic multi-sector manufacturing business, based on:

  • an ongoing flow of relevant and successful research and development
  • strong organic growth
  • a diversified product base in rapidly expanding market sectors
  • a passionate focus on customers and market trends
  • commitment to and investment in an innovative, responsive skills base

Quality Policy

A cornerstone of Ceno Technologies is our quality system and the culture it fosters. The driving principle is to do the right things right every time, through the collaboration of its clients, vendors and employees. This ensures consistent delivery of superior products and services and will earn a world-class reputation for innovation, quality of product and customer service.

These endorsements prove that Ceno Technologies consistently meet all criteria required by our customers throughout the World.

After more than 25 years of serving international corporations and defense establishments, the personnel within Ceno Technologies are poised to continue its growth and leadership as a primary source of knowledge of integrated coated cenosphere and microscopic particle products Worldwide.

Ceno Technologies Quality embodies excellence in business practices and products through an endless commitment to:

  • Meeting and exceeding customers' expectations to achieve world-class customer satisfaction
  • Fostering an environment which promotes leadership and pride in doing the right things right every time by stimulating creativity, initiative, and a sense of responsibility
  • Continuously improving integrated business processes to attain system effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility.

Our Terms and Conditions of Trading can be read by “clicking” on this text.

Ceno Technologies is committed to deliver products of the highest quality and to offer superior, fast and friendly service.

We are dedicated to consistency and excellence in formulation, in providing visually attractive and award winning marketing and support materials and offering the best product and value for money in this emerging market place.

This guarantees a selection of exceptional products to choose from in order to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.